weird problems converting pclvisualizer application to QT

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weird problems converting pclvisualizer application to QT

Frank Dekervel

we're in the process of adding a few QT UI controls to an application that does processing and visualisation using pclvisualizer.

One of the first steps i did was adding a QApplication object in the main function. But when i do this (and nothing else, so i literally change 1 line of code), suddenly some algorithms break and all point clouds inserted in the visualizer have their z coordinate "floored" to integer (the "floating point" part is lost).

Since i did not change anything else, i'm completely lost on what could be the cause of this. I'm on ubuntu bionic (on zesty we cannot reproduce). Any clue or guess to get me started would be welcome.

this is the patch that breaks everything (i verified that the breakage is not caused by adding qt in cmakelists or by adding includes):

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
+++ QApplication app(argc, argv);

before doing this just showing the clouds gives this:

after doing it it gives this (the effect of loosing the precision on the z axis is clearly visible)


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