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preparing for 0.4

Radu B. Rusu
Do we have any changes that we need to get in for 0.4? If anyone has anything that they would like to see changed/fixed
or added, please reply until the end of the week so we can estimate how long we need to wait.

As always, please check for the list of changes.

An ideal plan would be the following:

* release 0.4 before Sunday

* release 0.5 quickly after that, with the main major change being an API-breaking removal of the ANN dependency, in the
hope that Marius makes FLANN faster for 3D queries

* release 0.6 quickly after that, with the possibility to 100% decouple PCL from ROS using a custom-based CMake system
(I vote Brian writes it ;) ). Also split point_cloud_perception into two stacks: one that will be experimental and one
that needs to become 1.0 for D-Turtle.

I will prepare a few pages so we can start the API review process as early as next week. I urge everyone interested to
participate, as the discussions might affect the way we use and develop PCL for the next year.


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