perception_pcl 0.7.1 released into unstable

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perception_pcl 0.7.1 released into unstable


0.7.1 (2011-01-09)

  • flann

    • Makefile patch for LateX PDF build
  • pcl

    • fixed roslib/Header warnings by enabling std_msgs/Header if ROS_VERSION > 1.3.0

    • working on PCL port to Android - mainly CMake scripts, and a few #if ANDROID statements.

    • pcl::VoxelGrid now saves and gives access to the created voxel grid, with lots of helper functions

  • pcl_ros

    • dropped pcl_ros::Subscriber due to the changes introduced in 0.7

Mostly integration patches.  And since it was hung up by various things like CES I'm going to dub this release, "What happens in PCL, Stays in PCL."


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