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pcl compile problems

Dear pclers: 

I want to compile the pcl1.8.0 + win10 + vs2015 by my self. However I met some problems that I can't solved.

The first problem is the cmake error. If I turn the BUILD_apps ON, then the cmake error will happen. The error message shows as follows:
CMake Error at apps/CMakeLists.txt:208 (include_directories):
include_directories given empty-string as include directory.

The second problem is that the project pcl_io would have a compile error when I was compiling the pcl.sln generated by cmake+pcl1. The error locates in the pcl source code real_sense_grabber.cpp.
The error message that VS give is as follows:
C2678: Binary "==" : left operator of type "pcl::RealSenseGrabber::Mode" is not found.
I can't solve this error and lots of libs failed after this.

Could some body solve this problems for me?

Best wishes!



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