keep custom fields during supervoxel clustering process

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keep custom fields during supervoxel clustering process

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Dear PCL friends,

I am new at PCL, and I was trying to implement supervoxel_clustering (this link) on my custom dataset. My point clouds dataset has these fields: X Y Z R G
B L1 L2 where  R, G, B are integer values between 0-255 and L1 and L2 are
integer labels.

After applying supervoxel, I save the point clouds with their labels:
    /// save the labeled cloud
    PointLCloudT::Ptr labeled_cloud = super.getLabeledCloud();
    pcl::io::savePCDFileASCII("/path/labeled_cloud.pcd", *labeled_cloud);

My question is: how to transfer my labels and colors from original point
clouds during the process. I try to define my own point type, but with the
tutorial on pointtypes it is not trivial to do that.
One solution I am thinking of, is using KD-tree and transfer labels from
supervoxel result to the original points, but still I need to read my
original points with all custom fields in pcl.

Anyone can help me with this?


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