depthsense ds325 in hand scanner

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depthsense ds325 in hand scanner

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I am trying to make a in hand scanner for ds325 similar to the existing
openni2 in hand scanner. I figured out that I have to change the following
code to that suitable for depthsense, other than changing the header for the grabber and finddssk.cmake

  boost::shared_ptr<pcl::io::openni2::OpenNI2DeviceManager> deviceManager =
pcl::io::openni2::OpenNI2DeviceManager::getInstance ();
  if (deviceManager->getNumOfConnectedDevices () > 0)
      grabber_ = GrabberPtr (new Grabber("",

*How do I do it?*

I could not find any counterpart for /getInstance, OpenNI_Default_Mode/ etc

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