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I am curious about the "computeCloudResolution" function in this tutorial

in line 138: if (!pcl_isfinite((*cloud)[i].x)) {...}
it's used to (i guess) skip NaNs, I am wondering why here just the x
component is checked, it's impossible for the y, z component and even the
rgb values to be NaNs?

The same question also rises in line 266, which is as follows:
If (!pcl_isfinite(scene_descriptors->at(i).descriptor[0])), the SHOT
descriptor has more than one dimensional, but here why is just descriptor[0]

Also when I set the "use_cloud_resolution_" to be true, the program just
can't find any Correspondences and Model instances. The printed parameters
are as follows:

Model resolution:       0.00153451
Model sampling size:    1.53451e-05
Scene sampling size:    4.60352e-05
LRF support radius:     2.30176e-05
SHOT descriptor radius: 3.06901e-05
Clustering bin size:    1.53451e-05

And then it's followed by a whole screen of lines saying:
[pcl::SHOTEstimation::computeFeature] The local reference frame is not
valid! Aborting description of point with index .....

Any ideas about the problems? thanks in advance!

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