boost::mutex cloud access reg.

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boost::mutex cloud access reg.

I am bulding a pcl based application, for which use the default PCL grabber
code for velodyne which can seen here

When i build my application in Debug mode it's working as per the
expectations, but in Release build, clouds are etting skipped and i loose
one or two clouds. I narrowed down to the fact that there is some issue with
the mutex which i have no experience with.

  // Retrieved Point Cloud Callback Function
 boost::mutex mutex;
boost::function<void(const pcl::PointCloud&lt;PointType>::ConstPtr&)>
function =[&cloud, &mutex](const pcl::PointCloud<PointType>::ConstPtr& ptr)
    boost::mutex::scoped_lock lock(mutex);

    // Point Cloud Processing
    cloud = ptr;

this is the call back for receiving my cloud and the below part is the one
in main

    while (!viewer->wasStopped())
    viewer->spinOnce(); // Update Viewer
    tStart = clock();
    boost::mutex::scoped_try_lock  lock(mutex);
I couldn't figure out why there is difference in release vs debug. Any
suggestions? I use Visual Studio 2017 and PCL 1.8.1.Thank you in advance

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