Visualization of Point cloud in IOS

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Visualization of Point cloud in IOS

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this has been asked before.

I would like to visualize a point cloud in an IOS application. I would like
to rotate, zoom and select areas of the point cloud to process using PCL in
the back end of the IOS application. What is the recommended way to do this
as of today?

Here are a few possible ways it could be done but I'm not sure what is the
best and easiest way

Possible use IOS swift to take in a point cloud (.ply or PCD) and display it
on a UIView in IOS. I have looked at using some of the native functions
inside swift and the documentation on it is very sparse. Not really sure if
this is the right way to go. Has anyone done something similar?

Or am I better off using VTK for IOS? Does it integrate well with IOS? Is it

Or can I use native visualization from within PCL to display inside a UIview
inside an IOS application. (Not sure if this is possible or the correct way
to approach it?

Any other simple ways of doing this?

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated



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