Update a TextureMesh on every frame?

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Update a TextureMesh on every frame?


Is it possible to just update the vertices of a TextureMesh on each frame?
Currently, I have to call the function addTextureMesh on every frame and it
takes a long time (around 130ms).
All I want to do is update the vertex positions from one frame to the next,
without having to re-add the whole mesh each time.
My code is:

// Read in a TextureMesh from .obj file
TextureMesh meshOBJ;
string name = "mesh.obj";
pcl::io::loadPolygonFileOBJ(name, meshOBJ);

// Display the TextureMesh each frame in PCL viewer
viewer_->removeShape("meshobj", 0);
viewer_->addTextureMesh(meshOBJ, "meshobj", 0);

Can anyone help?

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