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I'm pretty new to pcl (I only tryed point cloud and viewer class). I would like to use pcl to generate and update a TSDF (Truncated Signed Distance Function) using depth image, colore image and pose to do later textured 3D mesh reconstruction.

At the begin I wanted to use a type like colored point cloud (where the rgb attribute would be the distance to the surface) but I found the class TsdfVolume (http://docs.pointclouds.org/trunk/classpcl_1_1gpu_1_1_tsdf_volume.html).

I looked at the API documentation but I didn't find any method to add new point/voxel.

If I understood well a TSDF volume is like a "3D grid" of point/voxel wich are defined by its coordinate (x,y,z), signed distance function and if needed color + weighting.

Someone could give me some clue to use the TsdfVolume class or maybe a better way to store it ?

PS :
Moreover I'm new to the "TSDF volume concept" so if you have some good papers or other information about TSDF initialization/update it would be interestiong for me.