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Re: [ros-users] RViz/OGRE3D and PCL hardware requirements/recommendations

Radu B. Rusu
Ok, I added the FPS text callback. If you svn up and re-make, you should see the number of frames per second the
cloud/scene gets rendered on your machine.


On 01/15/2011 07:50 PM, Ibrahim Awwal wrote:

> Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, it seems reasonable performance wise for the pcd viewer on the
> table_scene_lms400_downsampled.pcd. table_scene_lms400.pcd (not downsampled) feels slightly jittery, but it's completely
> responsive to my panning around. I couldn't test it on my own pcds from the PR2 because I haven't installed an updated
> version of pcl on my home computer, but I'll try updating pcl and see whether that makes any difference.
> -Ibrahim Awwal
> On 1/15/2011 7:34 PM, Radu Bogdan Rusu wrote:
>> No I meant more along the lines of... can you try to load a PCD file using rosrun pcl_visualization pcd_viewer to see
>> if it feels accelerated/fast?
>> Cheers,
>> Radu.
>> --
>> On 01/15/2011 07:33 PM, Ibrahim Awwal wrote:
>>> Well currently, for some reason when I even try to run the Rviz configuration from
>>> it doesn't even get started at all, which is really weird. It
>>> just sort of hangs looking like this:
>>> The last time I ran it it eventually filled in the topics for the Point Cloud2 and Camera, but I still could not
>>> interact with it at all. So maybe the issue is with something else? I installed the kinect package via the instructions
>>> on .
>>> Previously with something else (trying to visualize a PR2) I was getting around 5 frames per second or less I believe,
>>> which was pretty annoying to work with.
>>> -Ibrahim Awwal
>>> On 1/15/2011 7:17 PM, Radu Bogdan Rusu wrote:
>>>> Ibrahim,
>>>> Just out of curiosity: are the PCL visualization accelerated on your machine? Can you render point clouds fast enough?
>>>> (I'll add a FPS text to the visualizer later today).
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Radu.
>>>> --
>>>> On 01/15/2011 07:14 PM, Ibrahim Awwal wrote:
>>>>> Hi guys,
>>>>> I'm having a problem running Rviz on my computer, which is an Intel Core
>>>>> i5 2.4Ghz with an on-die GPU (integrated, but decent spec considering
>>>>> it's made by Intel). According to google results this is at least
>>>>> comparable to older nVidia graphics cards, but I can barely run Rviz and
>>>>> it's very laggy on Ubuntu 10.10 with everything up to date. I also am
>>>>> trying to work with the Kinect and openNI but the visualizations that
>>>>> use Rviz are just too slow, although the regular libfreenect examples
>>>>> (eg. freenect-glpclview) work perfectly fine at full framerate. It seems
>>>>> like OGRE3D doesn't like intel GPUs unfortunately, but I've noticed that
>>>>> some people are doing things with Atom boards, so I'm wondering whether
>>>>> anyone else is able to run Rviz on Intel GPUs.
>>>>> I'm considering getting a cheap Intel Atom dual-core + nVidia ION box
>>>>> for developing if it's unlikely for Rviz to work at all on Intel GPUs.
>>>>> Would this be good enough for basic development? Ideally I could try to
>>>>> run any CPU intensive nodes on my Core i5 and just do the visualization
>>>>> on the ION box. Does anyone have experience with Atom+ION computers and
>>>>> Rviz? I really need a development computer so that I don't need to go
>>>>> into the lab to do anything useful. Thanks!
>>>>> (Addendum: Rviz also doesn't like new Radeon graphics cards either,
>>>>> which is unfortunate because I do have a desktop with a high end Radeon
>>>>> card. So in general, am I stuck with nVidia for doing anything with
>>>>> Rviz, or is anyone having success with non-nVidia cards?)
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