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Re: [ros-users] Problem while compiling pcl_tutorials

Radu B. Rusu

A few things that come to mind:

  * why are you trying to build pcl_tutorials? Did you install from source (via rosinstall) or from debs? If the latter
they are already built for you;

  * are you using the latest versions in CTurtle?

On 12/19/2010 08:52 AM, asilx wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting following error when I enter 'rosmake pcl_tutorials' command:
> /opt/ros/cturtle/stacks/point_cloud_perception/pcl_tutorials/src/bag_read.cpp:46:
> /opt/ros/cturtle/stacks/point_cloud_perception/pcl/include/pcl/registration/transforms.h:89:
> error: expected unqualified-id before \u2018&\u2019 token

  * I don't really understand this error. Line 89 is:
  89   template <typename PointT> inline void transformPointCloud (const pcl::PointCloud<PointT> &cloud_in,
pcl::PointCloud<PointT> &cloud_out, const Eigen3::Affine3f &transform);

Can you confirm that you have eigen3 installed on your system? What does this return?:

$ roscd eigen3 && cat Makefile | grep TAR | grep build

it should be:
TARBALL     = build/eigen3.0-beta2.tar.bz2

> I cannot figure out what the problem is. Any ideas will be appreciated :)

  * finally, if you're interested in PCL, check the installation instructions at 
and Because the <point_cloud_perception> stack in CTurtle is frozen, we
are not maintaining it any more, and you wont find the latest goodies there. :)

  * oh also, our preferred communication media for PCL-related issues is [hidden email]. Thanks!

[hidden email] /