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Tsukasa Sugiura
If you want to use Kinect SDK v2, You need to use Visual Studio 2012 (or later). Please see this documents about system requirements for Kinect v2.
(And, I recommend that You had better check that Kinect v2 sensor working in your environment. It can be confirmed using the Kinect Configuration Verifier tool attached to Kinect SDK v2.)

System Requirements - Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 | MSDN Library

Therefor, You should not use PCL 1.6.0, because PCL 1.6.0 pre-built packages for Visual Studio 2012 (and later) has not been distributed. And, It is so old version. If you possibly can, It would be better to use the latest development environment.

I recommend that you use the PCL 1.8.1 and Visual Studio 2017. It is latest release.
You can download PCL 1.8.1 pre-built packages from release page on GitHub.

Release pcl-1.8.1 - PointCloudLibrary/pcl | GitHub

This video will be helpful for set-up PCL in your environments.
(Note: It is little old.)

PCL Setup with CMake and Visual Studio 2013 (Part1~2) | Youtube

The original PCL doesn't provide a method to retrieve point cloud data from Kinect v2 sensor. However, You can choose two methods for using PCL with Kinect v2 (that using Kinect SDK v2). I'm introduce the following two methods in my blog.

* Retrieve Color and Depth data from Kinect v2 sensor using Kinect SDK v2, and Convert to Point Cloud data yourself. (It is easily customize, but you need to familiar with Kinect SDK v2 API.)

Drawing Point Cloud retrieve from Kinect v2 using Point Cloud Library – part.1 without Grabber | Summary?Blog

* Retrieve Point Cloud data from Kinect v2 sensor using Grabber that based Kinect SDK v2. For example, Kinect2Grabber has been published in my blog. You can use it without to create grabber yourself. (It is easily can be used the same as other grabber, but it might be a black box for you.)

Drawing Point Cloud retrieve from Kinect v2 using Point Cloud Library – part.2 with Grabber | Summary?Blog

I hope it will be helpful for you.
Best Regards,

Note: If you have more questions about Kinect v2 (not PCL), Please post to MSDN Forums (e.g. How to set-up Kinect v2 sensor?). If it is about PCL, Please post to here (e.g. How to use PCL with Kinect v2 sensor?).

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