RANSAC Cylinder Fitting -- how to fit the "interior"?

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RANSAC Cylinder Fitting -- how to fit the "interior"?

We are working with an algorithm that uses RANSAC cylinder fitting, where the
cylinders have, for lack of a better term, a "wall thickness" (think: a
thermos).  We are trying to identify the INNER wall, not the "mean" wall or
the "outer" wall.  Is this something that can be tweaked using RANSAC?

More specifically: we are identifying tree trunks from a terrestrial laser
scan that have low branches within the region we are looking at, that appear
to be adding a "buffer" around the trunk itself.  The scanner, of course,
can't penetrate to the center of the trunk, so the cross-sectional slice of
the scan has a clear circle (the trunk) with a cloud around the outside (the


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