QT visualization transparency problems

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QT visualization transparency problems

I am following a tutorial of the  the official documentation
<http://pointclouds.org/documentation/tutorials/qt_visualizer.php>   to use
PCL visualizer within Qt and just changed the loaded point cloud with the
Standford bunny <https://www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models/bunny.html>  
(as an STL file).

The modifications are as follows:

in the headers of pclviewer.h:
   #include <pcl/io/vtk_lib_io.h>
in the class protected:
  pcl::PolygonMesh mesh_target;

and in pclviewer.cpp I just replaced
  viewer->addPointCloud (cloud, "cloud");
  std::string path_target = "../data/bunny.stl";
  pcl::io::loadPolygonFileSTL(path_target, mesh_target);
  viewer->addPolygonMesh (mesh_target, "mesh");

The visualization display some of the meshed transparently and result in a
kind of see-through visualization depending on the angle (I think just half
of the meshes are actually visible). Any idea of what could create that
problem? Changing the visualization for displaying just the points show all
of them in the display.

This is a plot of the visualization:

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