Problem with building PCL

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Problem with building PCL

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Hi, I am new to PCL.
Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot.
Right now I am trying to build PCL from source after having done the same thing with its dependencies.
However i always end up having this error in CMake when building PCL

  Boost version: 1.64.0

  Boost include path: C:/Program Files/Boost/include/boost-1_64

  Could not find the following static Boost libraries:


 Some (but not all) of the required Boost libraries were found.  You may
 need to install these additional Boost libraries.  Alternatively, set
 BOOST_LIBRARYDIR to the directory containing Boost libraries or BOOST_ROOT
 to the location of Boost.

I tried what they have recommended, tried multiple versions of the Boost library, the usual PATH issues, made sure I was building for 64 bits, tried building with gcc, changed the library paths ... etc with no luck. I am using Windows 10, Visual studio 2017 (MSVC 15).
Help please ?