PCL installation by vcpkg is absolutely *great* but... is it normal that vtk build looks suspended since 6 am this morning?

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PCL installation by vcpkg is absolutely *great* but... is it normal that vtk build looks suspended since 6 am this morning?

Hi all! Perhaps I should write to a vcpkg forum, but some of you have
experience with pcl and vcpkg, and I feel... more at home here :-)

Yesterday I started my pcl installation by vcpkg, I am at package 62/122:
vtk:x64-windows. Till now everything has been fine.

I could follow the vtk configuration and building procedure by watching file
creation and update in the vcpkg\buildtrees\vtk\x64-windows-rel directory:
as far as I can see, the last files to be modified were .ninja_deps and
.ninja_log, and (just a minute earlier) some files in the bin and lib
folders. After that (6 am) nothing (apparently) changed: the screen shows:

Elapsed time for package qt5:x64-windows: 1.59 h
Starting package 62/122: vtk:x64-windows
Building package vtk[core,qt]:x64-windows...
-- CURRENT_INSTALLED_DIR=C:/src/vcpkg/installed/x64-windows
-- DOWNLOADS=C:/src/vcpkg/downloads
-- CURRENT_PACKAGES_DIR=C:/src/vcpkg/packages/vtk_x64-windows
-- CURRENT_BUILDTREES_DIR=C:/src/vcpkg/buildtrees/vtk
-- CURRENT_PORT_DIR=C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/.
-- Using cached C:/src/vcpkg/downloads/Kitware-VTK-v8.0.1.tar.gz
-- Testing integrity of cached file...
-- Testing integrity of cached file... OK
-- Extracting source C:/src/vcpkg/downloads/Kitware-VTK-v8.0.1.tar.gz
-- Extracting done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/dont-define-ssize_t.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/dont-define-ssize_t.patch done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/use-fixed-find-hdf5.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/use-fixed-find-hdf5.patch done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/disable-workaround-findhdf5.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/disable-workaround-findhdf5.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-libproj4.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-libproj4.patch done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-libharu.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-libharu.patch done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-mysql.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-mysql.patch done
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-odbc.patch
-- Applying patch C:/src/vcpkg/ports/vtk/fix-find-odbc.patch done
-- Configuring x64-windows-rel
-- Configuring x64-windows-rel done
-- Configuring x64-windows-dbg
-- Configuring x64-windows-dbg done
-- Build x64-windows-rel

and in the latest 10 hours nothing seems to have moved: no new files, no
file updating.

How can I now if everything is fine? Is vcpkg working in memory so no file
is touched? Is it stuck?
Best regards

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