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Radu B. Rusu

We're finally shutting down http://svn.pointclouds.org/data today, as our PCD data repository, in favor of:

 * SourceForge PCD archival under http://sourceforge.net/projects/pointclouds/files/PCD datasets/
 * a new GIT repository on GitHub (https://github.com/PointCloudLibrary/data) where we will store PCD files used or referenced often, such as the ones present in PCL tutorials.

Due to these change, we request the help of volunteers that are willing to help us modify existing tutorials to point to the new data sources. Examples:

Tutorial: http://pointclouds.org/documentation/tutorials/vfh_recognition.php#vfh-recognition 
Source: https://github.com/PointCloudLibrary/pcl/blob/master/doc/tutorials/content/vfh_recognition.rst

Text to modify: "Then, make sure that the datasets you downloaded (vfh_recognition_tutorial_data.tbz) are unpacked in this directory, thus creating a data/ subdirectory." <-- the source for vfh_recognition_tutorial_data.tbz is http://svn.pointclouds.org/data/tutorials/vfh_recognition/vfh_recognition_tutorial_data.tbz, and this should be pointed to https://github.com/PointCloudLibrary/data/blob/master/tutorials/vfh_recognition/vfh_recognition_tutorial_data.tbz instead.

Thanks to everyone in advance for their contributions!

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