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OpenMP with PCL


I've several unconnected point clouds.
I would like to do several parallele icp calculations....on different processor core.

I use OpenMP.

so my code is :

"int main(int argc, char** argv)
        time_t debut_mp = time(NULL);

  #pragma omp parallel for

  for(int n=1;n<5;n++)
   time_t fin_mp = time(NULL);

    cout << "End : " << difftime(fin_mp, debut_mp) << endl;

With Process(n) doint the icp process for the part n of my model (which are not connected).

For now, I've 4 process to do.
During the process, I've this message for one of the process :

And then crash..

I've tried with 1 process, 2 process : OK no problem.
But from 3 process, it crashes...

Can you help me.