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Merge 2 Eigen::Matrix4f


I'm currently trying to get the last transformation from my program but I
don't know to do it.

My program is making the registration from 2 cloud and should give me the
final matrix. I get a good registration at the end but I don't know how to
get the final matrix.

The pipeline I use for the registration is :

1. Downsample clouds
2. Estimate Keypoints (SIFT or SUSAN)
3. Get Normals (keypoints)
4. Use features (pfhFeatures and FPFHSignature33)
5. Correspondence Estimation (CorrespondenceEstimation)
6. Correspondence Rejection (CorrespondenceRejectorSampleConsensus)
7. Do the first transformation
8. Use ICP on the result for refinment

I don't know how I can get the total matrix step 7 + step 8.

Could you help me for this part ?

Thanks in advance

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