KiwiViewer v2.0 available now in the App Store

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KiwiViewer v2.0 available now in the App Store

Pat Marion
[apologies for the cross post]

On behalf of the mobile development team at Kitware, I’m happy to announce the release of KiwiViewer v2.0 for iOS, now available for download in the App Store. The app runs on devices with iOS 6 and is optimized for retina displays.  Along with the App Store release, we’ve also uploaded software binary packages for developers, including a PCL framework bundle for iOS.  KiwiViewer reads pcd files, and features the point cloud streaming demo described here.

Check out this blog post for movies, screenshots, and lots more details, including a note about an Android version.  The movie in the blog post shows a point cloud animation using data exported from the Velodyne HDL grabber developed during the PCL Velodyne code sprint.  KiwiViewer is bundled with this data, so you can try it out on your device too.

Webinar - I'll be hosting a webinar next week to present the new features in KiwiViewer. Join me Thursday, March 14th at 4pm EST.  You can register for the free webinar at GoToWebinar.

New features in KiwiViewer 2.0:

  -Supports iOS 6 and retina display
  -Dropbox integration
  -Midas integration
  -ParaView integration
  -iTunes file sharing
  -Textured meshes
  -Support for time series data and animations
  -A new 2D/3D image viewer with window/level
  -Point Cloud Library PCD file support
  -New sample datasets bundled with the app
  -New geometry modes: surface, surface with edges, wireframe, points
  -Scene settings: background color, model color, opacity, color by array selection
  -A new JSON scene file format, including support for custom color maps and background image
  -zip, gzip, bz2, and tar archives
  -Supports >65k vertices
  -Load multiple datasets at once
  -Multisampling/antialiased rendering

Thanks!  I hope you enjoy the app.  If you're interested in using PCL for mobile development, here's where you can start.


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