Invert 3D Quaternion Rotation

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Invert 3D Quaternion Rotation

I am rotating an object around origin in terms of euler angles and trying to
use quaternions like below.
Just rotating around 2 axis (Z and X)

    yawAngle = Eigen::AngleAxisf(thetaZ, Eigen::Vector3f::UnitZ());
    rollAngle = Eigen::AngleAxisf(0.0f, Eigen::Vector3f::UnitY());
    pitchAngle = Eigen::AngleAxisf(thetaX, Eigen::Vector3f::UnitX());

    Eigen::Quaternionf quaternion = pitchAngle * rollAngle * yawAngle;

    Eigen::Vector3f offset = Eigen::Vector3f(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
    pcl::transformPointCloud(*pclCloud, *pclCloud, offset, quaternion);

By this order I am rotating the object first around X axis, then Z axis.
How could I get back from there by similar way?

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