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GSoC 2014

Hi everybody,

PCL has been in the Google Summer of Code program for 2 years in a row in 2011 and 2012, but unfortunately we missed 2013. In those 2 years we managed to accumulate a good number of valuable commits and had awesome people join our community. We did not get a clear reasoning why we did not get in the program last year, so we need to make sure we make it in 2014!

Federico and I will be in charge of the administrative fun behind our project. As such, we are looking for volunteers to help us in various ways:

1. Polish the application. I will share the application we had last year with the people that are interested and we can collaboratively improve it.

2. Join in as mentors for students. This is a commitment over the 3 months of the coding period in which you will help out your assigned student complete his/her project.

3. (closely related to 2). Come up with cool project ideas for the students to choose from. Based on our experience from the last years, GSoC students are very enthusiastic but are not up to date with the latest happenings in point cloud processing research, so it would be best to show them the way with concrete project ideas that _you_ know will work out / are feasible to implement over the given time period.

4. Join in as a student candidate. If you have any project idea or you want to contribute your own hobby/research work to PCL over the summer, please let us know.

5. Any random suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Looking forward to your replies!

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Re: GSoC 2014

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Hello ,
I am Rishabh currently pursuing my second year in engineering .  I would love to take part in GSOC 2014 . I have been exploring open source   community since past months but have exposure in programmig in c , c++and devolopment in python and i have basic knowledge of html ,css and javascript (just basic) .

I had a look at the previous years projects . they seem interesting
I would love to be involved with some projects .
Any tips on how I should start contributing would be great . And are there any prerequisites ?
Thank You