Fatal error LNK1169 related to gcCorrespSorter

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Fatal error LNK1169 related to gcCorrespSorter

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I compiled the  PCL-master(2017-03-16) branch with the PCL_NO_PRECOMPILE option, and working on a recognition project.

when I include the head file:
#include <pcl/recognition/cg/geometric_consistency.h>

it resulted "Fatal error LNK1169: Find one or more multiple defined symbols" related to "**gcCorrespSorter**" something (I can't remember the exact error message now).

when I removed the head file, it worked all right.

function bool gcCorrespSorter (pcl::Correspondence i, pcl::Correspondence j)  was directly defined in geometric_consistency.hpp , this might bring in multiple definitions when compile with the PCL_NO_PRECOMPILE option?

Then I add keyword "inline" before function "gcCorrespSorter" definition and the fatal error goes away.