Estimated curvature to point cloud PointNormal

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Estimated curvature to point cloud PointNormal

I have a point cloud with XYZ and normals without curvature.
Normals are being calculated after organized XYZ data is generated from
scanning system.
First choice - How can I compute curvature value while calculating normals?

Second choice -
I am using PrincipalCurvaturesEstimation tool. By using the output of this
tool, how can I set missing curvature value of normals?
It seems PrincipalCurvatures are as in the form of

union {
   float   principal_curvature [3]
   struct {
      float   principal_curvature_x
      float   principal_curvature_y
      float   principal_curvature_z
float pc1
float pc2

At the end I want to get PointCloud<PointXYZRGBNormal>
X, Y, Z, normal_x, normal_y, normal_z, curvature


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