Acquiring PCL for Debian 9 on Beaglebone (and issues with key verification)

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Acquiring PCL for Debian 9 on Beaglebone (and issues with key verification)

Hi there,

I'm working on using a Beaglebone to read in data over ethernet from a
sensor unit and have been looking at using the sensor's SDK which requires
PCL. The Beaglebone is running Debian 9, so I've tried following the
suggested procedure  shown here
<>  . This is all from after
having tried and failed at a couple other possibly mistaken options,
including using 'apt-get install libpcl-dev' (didn't have all the necessary
PCL modules for the SDK), following the Ubuntu procedure (before I knew
there was a Debian procedure), and trying to build PCL from source using the
repository on github)

I do fine with following the first couple Debian instructions, adding the
key and updating sources.list as described. However, in the next step, I try
the apt-get update and there are key verification failures everywhere.

Seems weird that there are key failures, but also I notice there's a note
that "...
maverick InRelease' doesn't support architecture 'armhf'". Is PCL just not
available on this architecture? It doesn't seem like this should be the case
since I see a /binary-armhf/ folder in the /pcl/ubuntu/dists/devel/main
branch of the launchpad.

Is there a reason why I shouldn't in principle be able to build it from
source on this platform? In my attempt to build from source it has some
issues finding my installation of libvtk6.3 (which I suppose could be the
problem), but I attempt to proceed at least with building the rest of PCL
without the visualization module, but the build process fails at
(after taking a long time).

Weirdly, I also get key errors in trying to install PCL on my Ubuntu 17

Does anybody have suggestions on solving these problems either i) on the
beaglebone, ii) on the Ubuntu 17 machine, or iii) in general (I'm thinking
of just saving the packet data completely raw without any point cloud type
recognition, which is acceptable in this application).

Thank you.

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