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0.4.0 released!

Radu B. Rusu
We just released 0.4.0 in unstable. A brief list of changes (copied from
http://www.ros.org/wiki/point_cloud_perception/ChangeList) is attached below.

Big thanks to all the contributors!

0.4.0 (2010-10-30)

   [pcl_ros] switching rosrecord API to rosbag (r33602)
   [pcl] changes needed for the eigen3 upgrade (Eigen3::Transform3f -> Eigen3::Affine3f)
   [eigen3] upgraded to eigen3-beta2
   [pcl] Added SIFTKeypoint keypoint detection algorithm for use on xyz+intensity point clouds.
   [pcl] Fixed a bug in Registration::FeatureContainer::isValid () where the source and target feature clouds were
required (incorrectly) to be the same size
   [cminpack] Updated cminpack to 1.0.4 (r33419)
   [pcl_ros] Complete refactorization of PCL_ROS nodelets. Got rid of multiple inheritance in favor of delegation. Using
template specializations now the code compiles faster and GCC processes occupy less RAM during compilation.
   [pcl] added NARF features (descriptor) to features, updated NARF keypoints, made RangeImageBorderExtractor derived
from Feature.
   [pcl_tutorials] added/updated tutorials for range image creation, range image visualization, range image border
extraction, NARF keypoint extraction and NARF descriptor calculation.
   [pcl] added set/get AllFields/AllData helper methods to ProjectInliers (r33284)
   [pcl] added helper bool getFilterLimitsNegative () to Filter (r33283)
   [pcl] added helper set/get LocatorType methods to EuclideanClusterExtraction (r33282)
   [pcl_ros] new PointCloudConcatenateDataSynchronizer nodelet: concatenates PointCloud2 messages from different topics
   [pcl_ros] added a max_clusters int_t nodelet option to EuclideanClusterExtraction: The maximum number of clusters to
extract (r33258)
   [pcl] added missing dependency on roscpp
   [pcl_ros] added a filter_limit_negative bool_t nodelet option to Filter. Set to true if we want to return the data
outside [filter_limit_min; filter_limit_max] (r33257).
   [pcl] added a check for insufficient number of points when fitting SAC models to avoid infinite loops (r33195)
   [pcl] added makeShared () to pcl::PointCloud<T>, and fixed the Ptr/ConstPtr typedefs (r33147)
   [pcl] fixed a bug in SamplesConsensusModelRegistration where the sample selection could get stuck in an infinite loop
   [pcl] added line to line intersection routines (r33052)
   [point_cloud_converter] added missing dependency on roscpp (r33045)
   [pcl] corrected transformPointCloudWithNormals in transforms.hpp to properly handle normals
   [pcl_ros] fixed bug in PassThrough nodelet that prevented dynamic reconfigure from setting the FilterFieldName properly.
   [pcl_ros] added implementation of MovingLeastSquares nodelet


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