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0.3.2 released!

Radu B. Rusu
We just released 0.3.2 in cturtle/unstable. A brief list of changes (copied from
http://www.ros.org/wiki/point_cloud_perception/ChangeList) is attached below.

Big thanks to all the contributors!

0.3.2 (2010-09-28)

   [pcl_ros] changing the order of the members to allow nodelet unloading (r32941)
   [pcl] fixed a bug in ExtractPolygonalPrismData that got introduces in r31172
   [pcl] added new 3D Keypoint extraction base class and the NARF interest points.
   [pcl_ros] enabling SSE optimizations for all libraries (r32909)
   [pcl] added iterator, const_iterator, begin, end for pcl::PointCloud
   [pcl] fixed bug in radius search of kdtree, that occurred when indices_ is used
   [flann] upgraded to FLANN 1.5
   [pcl] renamed sac_model_oriented_[line|plane] to *parallel_line and *perpendicular_plane to be more clear
   [pcl_ros] enabling parameter setting via dynamic_reconfigure for StatisticalOutlierRemoval filter (r32876)
   [pcl] added a new SAC model for finding planes that are parallel to a given axis. Useful for e.g. finding vertical
planes (parallel to "up" axis)
   [pcl_ros] set the default number of gcc build processes to 2, to avoid large memory allocation thus rendering the
machine unusable during compilation
   [pcl] added a smarter sample selection to SampleConsensusModelRegistration that uses a minimum distance between
samples based on the principal directions/magnitudes of the dataset (r32873)
   [pcl] enabling SSE optimizations by default for all libraries
   [pcl] normalized covariance matrix estimation pcl::computeCovarianceMatrixNormalized (r32872)
   [pcl] Added methods to pcl::Registration for finding point correspondences between pairs of feature clouds
   [pcl] fixed a bug in pcl::SampleConsensusModelLine where the number of iterations was not correctly checked/set in
   [pcl] Added missing includes in icp_nl.h


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